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Hello I’m Jo. 

I’m a freelance + self represented artist working within; Festivals, Fashion, Lifestyle, Live music, Events, Portraits, Press Shots, etc
(Client list below)

Photography - mainly on 35mm / 120mm film, digital also. 

3D Photography - on Film and Digital.

Film - Shooting on 16mm / DV / VHS / Digital. 
Directing, Camera operation, Editing, Writing.

Sound - Recording, Editing, Music Creation,

Writing - Poetry, Articles, Script

Movement - Capoeira / Dance

Alongside my practise as a freelance artist I also work as an associate artist at the Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts (SCVA), Content creator for Norfolk + Norwich Festival (NNF) and teaching children Capoeira with Capoeira Communities (CapoComs).

I also practice as an artist working with the above mediums as well as Pinhole camera creation, Collage and whatever takes my fancy.

Clients Include:
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